How is the house sanitized?
- We do a thorough cleaning of the house according to the standardized recommendations of the Greek government.

Is the common pool safe to use?
- The pool is equipped with an automatic chlorinator for disinfection that will kill Covid-19 (based on current information) We recommend usage of the pool to be limited to one family at a time and ask families to arrange for a schedule to share the pool.


Must we expect mosquitos in the house?
- Mosquitos are a common feature in Greece in the evenings and at night. That is why our house is equipped with high quality fly screens on all the windows. We do not allow the burning of mosquito repellents inside the house. Please, use chemical insect repellants instead.
Can we bring along our well-behaved dog?
- Unfortunately, we do not allow any pets in our house.
Is the house air-conditioned?
- The house does not have an air-conditioner. However, even in summer the house does not heat up too much, because it is built from natural stones that provide a pleasant temperature in the inside. The bedrooms are located in the lower floor that always stays very cool.
Can the house accomodate four adults?
- The house is not suitable for four adults. The house can accomodate a maximum of three adults.
Can the house accomodate a family of two adults and two kids plus a baby?
- The house can accomodate a family with two adults and a maximum of two kids.
Are there any shopping facilities near the house?
- There are no shops near our house. The closest super market is in Parikia.
Do we need a car to get around the island?
- There is no bus service to our house. Taxis charge approx. 7 EUR for the ride to/from our house, but are very difficult to get hold of in summer. Thus, a rental car will be very helpful for getting around (starting at 25 EUR a day). Alternatively, in summer there is a little boat plying between the beach below our house and Parikia.
Does the house have internet access?
- The house does not have internet access. There are numerous cafes around Parikia that offer free WiFi.
Are there water shortages in summer?
- Our house is connected to the municipal water supply. In addition to that there is a local backup system in place that will provide water in case of water shortages that do occur frequently in summer.

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